We pride ourselves on the desire to focus on the experience when it comes to working with our clients and elegant gowns. From start to finish, each piece is designed with the best care and attention to detail, making the process enriched with transparent communication and couture techniques. All of our gowns are handmade in the U.S.A., honoring the traditions of craftsmanship and sustainability. Requiring the finest in fabrication and materials such as only using natural fibers and Swarovski crystals, Gloria Becca stays true to the standard of timeless sophistication and beauty. We create for brides who cherish individuality, and prefer the luxurious elements of customization. 

Hi! My name is Deanna Blackwell and I am a Creative Consultant and Fashion Designer and what that means is, I help women design their very own wedding gowns with a touch of classical vintage inspired elements through my online brand, Gloria Becca. We incorporate the Art of French tambour beading, use only eco-friendly fabrics such as 100% silk and take pride in our production model that uses 3D technology to reduce the use of natural resources and excessive sample making.

After I got engaged, I found it very difficult to find bridal garments that were not only eco-friendly but were high-quality, made right here in the USA and most importantly, classically elegant. At the time, I was also studying for my Masters in Fashion Design and Certification in Haute Couture Embroidery. My now husband encouraged me to use my skills to design, construct, and bead my own instead of purchasing a gown. My ultimate goal is to provide an experience that bridges the gap between the traditional and modern way of designing, producing and shopping for bridal garments.